Wednesday, October 7, 2009

W-Day= 10.

For those of you who don't speak cryptic, the title means 10 DAYS UNTIL MY WEDDDDDING! I'm getting crazy-excited and am actually quite proud of my organization skillz.

Last night, fiance broke down and said we could maybe go to the mall this weekend to shop for honeymoon clothes. Even though I promised up and down I wouldn't, it doesn't count as a promise-breaker when he's there and says yes. :) Things are lookin' up for me, lovies!

To be honest, it's actually a strange sensation to be excited about getting new stuff but realizing you have to buy somewhat summery things. I'm in full-on Fall mode, and the thought of a new pair of shorts or cute tank is kind of... well.. gross. So. Here is my task. Find items that are transitionable so that I can actually wear them again in the next 8 months.

IDEA #1: thin, gauzy fabrics (that can be layered with thick, yummy sweaters).

Why, hello there, zebra-print-love. Howdy'do?

IDEA # 2: Very, very thin sweaters (which are actually useful in Dallas...)

You know... for the cold nights in HI? Yeah I dunno.

IDEA # 3: Multi-use skirts.

With a turtleneck and tights or a cute little tank... love!

IDEA #4: Ensemble dresses.

Part floral and festive, part Fall-a-licious, ALL pretty.

Any other suggestions? I think as long as I stay away from the suede boots/wool sweaters/warm dress section, I'll be ok. Yikes. :)

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