Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shopping Reflections

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Over the years, I have morphed in terms of my shopping-style. Once an impulse-shopper only, I've shifted into a more strategic buyer. Honestly, I credit the internet for these changes. I mean, without online browsing, catalogs were my only means of keeping up. Especially when living in small-town America for lots of my life. So I'd go to the mall (the sad, pathetic excuse for a mall we had in Podunk, IL) and head straight for the Express, picking out new items when they'd reach the racks. We even had a personal shopper (yes, Express did this... even though it wasn't official. She knew us by name. Kinda embarrassing, really.).

But now that I'm on my own as a shopper/fashionista-in-training, much more interested in the trends, and running rampant in a shopping mecca (seriously... Northpark has it all!), I do find myself really researching before buying. Sure, there are still the "OMG I need that, yoink!" moments, but I really (really!) do try and make sure I know I want it when I buy it.

Take the blouse, for instance.

I know you've all heard me talking about buying an Equipment blouse for ages now. Classic piece! But definitely pricey for something so simple and replicable. Madewell did a great job of creating one, and even my tried and true Express did a fine job. And for the past many, many months, I've amassed lots of 'em. I love them all dearly and wear them to death-- a blouse is sort of my go-to outfit these days, my uniform of sorts. But something about the Equipment ones said quality to me the others haven't quite matched. Well, readers... I finally pulled the trigger! And this long, self-indulgent post regarding pining for a blouse ends with this.

*Swoon.* (and a pair of Michael Jackson-inspired glittery loafers to boot!!)


  1. I love the color of that blouse! The loafers are fab. Love them.

  2. I love the loafers! I would say it's very wise to be a strategic rather than impulse buyer. At least you know you're getting something you'll love to wear, rather than something that probably won't last long in your closet.

  3. Vegas Fashion StylistMarch 1, 2011 at 10:58 PM

    Blouses have become my new go-to actually I need to add more to my wardrobe. Blouses are going to be super big this year, so blog about them all you want


  4. You look lovely in the blouse, and those loafers look like fun!

    P.S. Today I checked the F21 website and they are selling a Rory Beca collaboration!

  5. Justine - I plugged you on my new blog. I have been a long time follower of your blog. Will you please follow mine???

  6. Guh, I am green with envy! A classic Equipment blouse is definitely on my wishlist for...well, life. Yours looks beautiful and I'm sure you'll treasure it for years to come!