Thursday, March 17, 2011

Interview with Smashion!

Hi ladies and gents (?), just a little FYI this morning--

I was interviewed over at Smashion, a really neat fashion website that is also a market for buying and selling items. Here's what their Marketing Director, Vanessa, had to say about the company:

"Smashion enables members to buy or sell lightly-worn or NWT (new with tag) apparel and accessories on a no-fees marketplace. The site is our eco-friendly response to the growing trend in wearing second-hand clothing and the lack of a community-based, fashion-focused online marketplace. We want to show closet recyclers that they don't have to go to consignment stores to sell their merchandise -- where they'll lose a huge chunk of their profits."

There's also a fun Smashion Lounge with blog updates and fashion info, which is where my interview is posted. So, go check them out, and don't forget to read my interview! :)


  1. Sweet! Cool interview!

  2. Very cool idea for a site!! Thanks for sharing

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