Monday, March 7, 2011

FFF: 3.7.11

Afternoon, lovies! I know I'm a broken record, but please enter my giveaway. The contest ends soon (3.11), so get your booties over and enter! :)

Today's pick is a new favorite of mine. I was in the Gap just this weekend and spotted these pretty flats on the racks. They are prettier in person than they are online and super comfortable. Gap's flats rarely seem to disappoint, so this is another great pair. The best part is they are sturdier than the City Flats but still manage to feel like slippers on. Bonus! When I bought them I was expecting to pay full price, but somehow they were 30% off in stores. A real steal, especially since my Tory Burch Caroline flats did NOT work out (I have the worst luck with that brand, seriously).


  1. very cute!... what was wrong with the TB flats, sizing?? They were cute too.

    I need to check out gap immeds... loving their light wash flare jeans.

  2. gahh, the backs came up so high in the back that it was cutting at my ankle.
    I just never seem to have luck with TB-- revas hurt me, the edies are cute
    but a little too simple, and the carolines are painful. However, the sizing
    was TTS-- I took an 8.5 and they did fit. And Gap is super cute this spring!

  3. Oh those are super cute. So sorry about TB and you not getting along. I have the same problem with certain brands such as Cole Haan.

  4. I don't want to be Debbie Downer because they are super cute...but do they cut at the back of your ankle? I bought a cap toe pair in January and they kinda hurt. I am so bummed because they are a less expensive pair of Chanel knockoffs basically.

  5. While they are elastic backed, they don't cut at my ankles. That's a huge consideration for me cuz I get that problem a lot but these are great for me!

  6. Sooo cute. Check these out too Justine...they are super sparkly and fancy...I just love them in person:

    The Enzo Angiolini Nilt !!!!

    Can we help eachother shop? Will you follow my blog too?