Friday, January 28, 2011


As I've previously confessed, my beauty skillz = nill. But, I make up for it in nail-knowledge. This weekend I have some fun plans and decided I needed fun nails to go with. I painted them with Lincoln Park After Midnight (a slightly purple-er shade of LPAD) and then... drumroll please... used Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail strips on my ring fingers (looks like you can buy them online at ebay, here). I really wanted to try them after reading some reviews and seeing some ads but wasn't wanting to commit to a full set of nails with designs. My solution was to just do one on each hand for a little surprise. I think it's fun, and definitely a special-occasion-only look. What do you think? Tacky or trendy???

As for the product itself, I really like it! I am excited to see how long it lasts, since I've read reviews that say they can last as long as 2 weeks. I'm sure it will long outlive my manicure, which usually has a lifespan of 4-5 days on my hands. Ugh. If you look close at the last photo, you'll notice I messed up a bit at the cuticle by messing with it too much, but it's still not too noticeable. While it's a pretty easy process, I will say a steady hand is helpful.

Have you tried Salon Effects? Will you??

Monday, January 24, 2011

OOTD: Furry business.

I rarely wear this faux-fur vest from The Limited because it just sort of overtakes the outfit. However, I've seen it on other bloggers (so cute here on Krystal!) and decided to wear it despite its largeness. Honestly, I think it looks ok, now that I'm seeing it in photos. Maybe I've changed my mind on it, after all.

Also. The semester has begun in full force! Which means more of Justine trying her hardest-and-darndest to keep up with FF. But I'm committed, so no worries. Just be nice when I'm a sporadic-blogger again. I know, I can't stand it either. But my degree (and mounting debt) calls. :)

 Vest: The Limited faux fur vest
Top: Parker cinched waist top (here, in gray!)
Jeans: AE Super Skinnies
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Forever 21

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OOTD: Green lace.

I'm really really happy that lace is on-trend for spring. I'll say it once, I'll say it again: I heart lace. I know I'm becoming a broken record so I apologize. When I saw how Shopbop styled this Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent dress I just had to have it for myself (plus a little sale price never hurts!).

 Cute, right?!

While I didn't style it nearly as well as Shopbop did, I did try the tights/boots pairing. I should pull out my fur vest and try it on with this, though!

Dress: Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent lace dress (here, on sale!)
Jacket: Express biker jacket
Tights: Hue
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: Express

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OOTD: All anthropologie, all the time.

Every once in a while, I'll find myself grabbing pieces for an outfit and realizing, "Hey. This is all anthropologie stuff." Sometimes I feel a little geeky and will change so I'm not wearing 100% one brand, but sometimes I'll say the heck with it and wear it proudly. Today was the latter.

Top: Pyrus Linnea Blouse (here)
Jacket: Idra Edited Suede Jacket (find on ebay!)
Jeans: Level 99 Lily Straight Leg (LOVE these, here!!)
Necklace: Frozen Globes Necklace (here)
Shoes: Vera Wang flats (the only non-anthro item on me now!)

Re: the blouse. I know a lot of reviewers thought it was way too boxy, and it's true. It's quite boxy. However, I really like my silk blouses to be light, airy and loose, so it's perfect. Plus I'm a layering whoooor, so again, it works. Re: the jeans. These things are like a glorified jegging and are ahhhhmazing! I totally recommend, especially at under $100. They are just as nice, if not nicer, than my expensive designer jeans. Just what I was looking for. 

IN addition... I have another blog sale offering I found whilst rummaging through the closet. It's an Anthropologie Guinevere cardigan, ca. 2007 or so, worn once. Size S. I'm selling it for $55 shipped (or best offer). It's actually gorgeous but a little too big on me. I never seem to reach for it. It's so very anthropologie, too, isn't it?? Any interest??? :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FFF: 1.11.11

Make a wish! It's 1.11.11. (You're supposed to make a wish, right?)

Just a little want of mine to post for the day. I'm .11 seconds away from pulling the trigger on this gorgeous lace blazer by Rory Beca (.11... get it? Cuz' of the date? {lame-o}).

Rory Beca Sofia Lace blazer (here for $143)

Almost sold out on Shopbop, but it's in full stock at Nordstrom! I tried this on the other day and woah, it's super cute (and TTS). I imagine it with a maxi skirt, belted at the waist and some huge sunnies. Plus, lace is a big trend for the spring... and we all know how I am about my trends. Now for the weather to begin to cooperate with me and my dreams. Hrmph.

Also, don't forget about my New Year Blog sale! :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year Blog Sale!

Similar to some other blogs out there, I thought I would put a few items up for sale on my bloggie. If you're interested or have any questions, please email me at  Seriously interested buyers only, please!

1. Current/Elliott distressed skinny jeans, size 24. Sold for $85 shipped.

Never altered but have been worn a handful of times (washed a few, too). These jeans are currently sold on Revolve and are an Editor's Pick on Shopbop (here) for $216. I am obsessed with them-- they are a great weight, are really soft and comfy, but alas. They don't fit me. While the tag reads 24, they would fit a size 25/26 perfectly. They are just a bit too tight on me. Boo. I'm sad to see these go but they need a good home.

2. Anthropologie (ca. 2006, probably) Sparrow wool vest, size S. Sold for $30 shipped.

I really can't remember when this vest was around but it was definitely several years ago. I love it and wore it here, but I just haven't worn it in a while, so out it goes. It's used but in great condition-- nothing wrong with it at all.

3. Nordstrom T.B.D. Jacket, unknown brand, size XS. Sold for $35 shipped. SOLD

Another jacket I love! It's very Anthro-inspired and the detailing is fabulous. I can't decipher the brand name... looks like the tag says "Tm," but I have no idea. This was purchased around Christmas time in 2008. Worn a few times but also in pristine condition.

4. WHBM Silk geometric print dress, size 0. Sold for $35 shipped.

I wore this dress twice-- once for a wedding and once for my rehearsal dinner. It's in great condition with no marks or spots at all. It's 100% silk and really pretty.

5. French Connection flowy top, size S. Sold for $25 shipped.

I purchased this at a Bloomingdales in 2008. It's really cute and fits well. It's been worn a handful of times but again, like all my stuff, is in great condition.

6. F21 dress, size S. Sold for $20 shipped.

I wore this to a fashion event once (see below) and love it but it needs a better home. It's also in great condition.

7. Anthropologie Tabitha Short & Sweet Jacket, green, size 2.

I'm willing to entertain an offer on this jacket. I'm not sure I want to part with it, but if anyone out there is dying for it, I'm listening.  :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

OOTD/Review: Gap Wide Leg trousers

A few posts back, I talked about how much I'm loving the 70's vibe 2011 has to offer, specifically wide leg pants. I bought the Gap Perfect khaki pants in slate grey (pavement). Technically, these aren't advertised as wide-leg, but from the product shot they sure look like it.

Top: Patterson J. Kincaid Harlow blouse (here in other colors; also on sale at Neiman's!)
Tank (under): BP cami (here-- I freekin' love these things)
Pants: Gap perfect fit khakis (here)
Belt: F21
Necklace: F21
Shoes: MICHAEL Michael Kors gold pumps

Review: While they are wide leg, they are not super wide leg. They are mostly straight leg with a little wideness. Which is okay, even though I was hoping they would fit slightly wider. Overall I do like them a lot. I chose pavement as a color because I thought khaki was too prep for me and white was not an option when I purchased. They sit low on the waist (8 or so inch rise) and are a pretty great inseam for me. They also come in short and tall. I bought a size 2, which was initially too big but after a wash and dry they're great. The 0 was a little to snug, pulling at the front too much. Therefore, I'd say they're pretty TTS.

Hope that helps anyone who was thinking about buying. Also, stay tuned tomorrow for a little blog sale for the new year. I've got some Anthro pieces for sale, a pair of wonderful jeans and some other goodies. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OOTD: Warm tones.

I thought the title, "Warm tones," was better than "This shade of green sorta reminds me of boogers." Right?

 Sweater: J.Crew Dulphine open cardi (here, in other colors)
Shirt: The Limited sequin tee (here)
Jeans: J Brand Lovestory (here, different wash)
Shoes: CV for Target wedges
Belt: Forever 21

In all seriousness, I heart this sweater. I spotted it when it was full price on J.Crew's site but I rarely buy online because of their crazy-ridiculous shipping prices (no, I don't want to add another $100 to my cart to save $15 in your insane shipping prices. Grrr). When I went into the store after Christmas I saw it on sale for $49, but I still just wasn't biting. After many a passing thought about it, I saw it yesterday for the $49 plus 40% off so I finally bit. Yay! The color is such a great warm tone despite its boogery-ness. And with pink, it's perfect. Good thing I have a few more shirts in the same pink/mauve tone to pair it with.

Also, I realized all of the things I'm wearing were bought on a good bargain, making this outfit come to about $150 rather than the full price, which I calculated to be around $500 (that is when you consider what an original pair of CV wedges cost! OK, so I cheated.).

Monday, January 3, 2011

OOTD: Remixing the NYE dress

On NYE, I wore this Rory Beca silk dress (sold out in purple) because it was the perfect combo of casual and dressy. Since my new year's festivities were pretty simple, I decided to wear something I knew I would be able to wear in other ways. Here's my quick, first shot at re-styling it (although I think the choice of blazer may not have been ideal. I'll do better next time). Pretty go to for me: leggings and a blazer to finish it off. I'm way too predictable. :)

Dress: Rory Beca Claudia dress (here)
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Express
Tights: Hue
Shoes: ROSEGOLD Sandra Convertible boots (here)

I can't believe my nice, long holiday break is over! I'm back at work but don't have school until after MLK day, so I shouldn't complain too much. I already miss my couch, blanket and cup of coffee, though.

And yes, to those people wondering if I'm actually wearing clothes without a coat (and the occasional bare leg)... it's true. Dallas has really yet to see coat weather save for a few days and some chilly nights. Compared to last year (e.g. 2 snowstorms BEFORE Christmas!), the weather has been great for dress-wearing. Score.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What's in store, 2011: Wide Legs

Happy New Year's Day! Did you enjoy your NYE? The hubs and I had a nice dinner and headed to a house-party afterwards. It was relaxed and nice-- just what I prefer.

Of course, once holiday sales settle down, it's time to start thinking spring fashion and more importantly, new trends for 2011! If one thing's for certain in fashion this year it's this: the 70's are back! Love it or not (for the record, I love it), retro styles will fill our racks this spring. My fave 70's trend that will be back in full force is the wide leg pant. Generally flattering on most body-types, these trousers will come in various shapes and sizes but will shine in the most basic form-- stove-pipe legs, straight down from the hip to your shoe. Here are a few of my picks!

1. The affordable classic: Gap's wide leg trousers

I ordered these in the slate color, which I think will go great with tons of items in my closet. I'll report on how they look when they arrive.

2. The high waist: Topshop's Tobacco belted wide leg

I totally heart the color on these! Definitely a retro classic.

3. The wide leg denim: Hudson Woodstock wide leg

I love this brand because the denim is always soft and not too thick. I bet these are adorable in person. (also, don't forget an exaggerated flare denim for this season!)

4. The cute, comfy pants: Patterson J. Kincaid Jennalyn Chambray wide legs

I love these and bet they would be great to lounge in or run errands with a tee and cardi. Cute!

Do you plan on partaking the wide-leg trend or leaving it behind in the disco-era?