Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FFF: 1.11.11

Make a wish! It's 1.11.11. (You're supposed to make a wish, right?)

Just a little want of mine to post for the day. I'm .11 seconds away from pulling the trigger on this gorgeous lace blazer by Rory Beca (.11... get it? Cuz' of the date? {lame-o}).

Rory Beca Sofia Lace blazer (here for $143)

Almost sold out on Shopbop, but it's in full stock at Nordstrom! I tried this on the other day and woah, it's super cute (and TTS). I imagine it with a maxi skirt, belted at the waist and some huge sunnies. Plus, lace is a big trend for the spring... and we all know how I am about my trends. Now for the weather to begin to cooperate with me and my dreams. Hrmph.

Also, don't forget about my New Year Blog sale! :)


  1. Amber's NotebookJanuary 11, 2011 at 4:12 PM

    omg love that!!

  2. Love this! I really hope you get it, it looks gorgeous!


  3. HELLO GORGEOUS!! That blazer is FABULOUS!