Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recently Acquired...

In less than 1 month, I'm starting school. Yay! I'm super thrilled about being a student again, but as I've mentioned, this comes with sacrifices. Namely, my shopping budget. As it is right now, I receive a set amount of money per month to shop with-- starting September, I'll have no budget at all. That doesn't mean I can't shop; it simply means that any shopping I do has to be 1) something we can afford and 2) something I really need/will wear a lot. Even though this doesn't technically start for another month, I've been preparing my fall closet for the last few weeks in anticipation of the lifestyle change. Thought I'd do a quick post of things I've recently gotten, to show you how I'm shaping up my fall style and wardrobe. Some still in the mail, some already in...

1. H&M embellished shoulder tunic top

I have strong (read: negative) feelings about H&M not being located here in the south and not having an online shopping site. Grrr. Couldn't find this online, but it's such a cute top/tunic. I plan on wearing it as both-- with a chunky cardigan/cape that I purchased a few years back, with jeans or leggings. It looks great belted (because of it's extreme over-sized body) and is super cute set off the shoulder.  (Got an XS)

2. Patterson J. Kincaid Harlow blouse

I have been wanting an Equipment blouse for some time now (if you read this blog regularly, you've heard me talking obsessing about this for several months!), in an effort to add a simple silk blouse to my collection. But, the price is just too steep for me to justify, so I've held off. This PJK blouse is a great sub and I love the relaxed style and slouchy pockets. Plus, it's on Bloomie's "Must Have" list... yoink. I'll do a better review when I get it and can speak to the fit. (Got an XS)

3. F21 shoulder padded top

This is just simple and versatile. Nice fit (not too fitted, not too relaxed), plus it's a great way to take a simple grey tee and give it some more structure and a touch of chic. (Got a S)

4. Urban Outfitter's Puff Sleeve blazer

This doesn't seem to be in grey online, but that's the color I purchased (plus, as it is with UO, god love 'em, this is much cuter in person). I loved this the minute I put it on-- it's got a nice weight to it and fits beautifully (in a size up). The only issue I might have is the material-- it's a cotton/linen blend that seems to get wrinkly quick. Oh well, I don't mind steaming! (Got a S-- XS was a little too tight)

5. Anthro's Perilla Dress

So, I definitely veered from my pact to stop buying summer and made an exception with this. But the reason is sound-- it is so comfortable and will be wearable in Dallas through October. $59 for something I might just wear the next three months straight is fair to me.  :) Seriously, it's perfect for work or the weekend (I'm wearing it today and wore it to a baby shower on Saturday!), plus the jersey material is the softest damn thing I've felt in a long time. It's totally adorable, too. (Got an XS, and prolly coulda used an XXS if they had one!) I'll post an OOTD with it tomorrow.  :)

6. Anthro's Windstorm Necklace

Hubs bought this for me as a "going back to school gift" when it went on sale. I remember loving this when I saw it in the store modeled with a simple blouse, but $52? That was way too much for what it is. At $30, I feel much better about the price and know the jewel tones will work with a whole slew of stuff!

The ongoing theme? Neutral, neutral, neutral. Basics, basics, basics. To pair with all those other wacky items I own.  How do you plan to style your fall?


  1. Sigh... everyone is ordering the Perilla dress and everyone looks great in it, you too I bet. I ordered it for £59.95 in Navy last week but no matter how long I stood in front of the mirror last night it just wasn't working. Needed an XS really as it was too baggy on the waist and evidently my 32Ds didn't fill the top out enough. One boob was horizontal stripes and the other diagonal, looked all wrong. Check your rosettes aren't all fraying when it arrives, mine were.

    Good luck going back to school! I took French evening classes for the last two years and I really miss it now but I get my GCSE result next week : )

  2. Lisa - respect the shoesAugust 10, 2010 at 8:40 AM

    Congrats on starting school soon! The non-shopping will probably be hard at first, but everything will come out roses at the end!

    Ooh, I can't wait to see you in the Perilla dress! I have the beige one too and it is seriously like wearing a long tee, it is so comfy.

  3. Love the UO blazer so cute!... and finally the H&M purchase is revealed.

    Can your husband buy me a necklace too?! I love.

  4. Yay for stating school soon! You will do great!
    I think that though the Equipment blouse was super cute, I think that the PJK blouse will be very versatile. I love that jacket you got at UO, I think that was a great purchase and it looked super cute on you. Love all your purchases.

  5. i hate to ask but would mind sharing your monthly shopping budget with us? This is a sensitive topic for my husband and I!

  6. I'll just reply right here (hope you see it!): every two weeks, I get $100.
    So most months its $200, and sometimes it's $300. I stick to it pretty
    strictly, although depending on the situation I can somtimes go a teense
    over. This doesn't include my makeup or hair appointments, so it's pretty
    much a strictly clothes, accessories and shoes budget. I did a post on my
    shopping habits and how my hubs and I came to them
    New item from *guest in canada* on Fetching Fashions: Recently

  7. amber&#39;s notebookAugust 10, 2010 at 12:08 PM

    I love the equipment shirt!

  8. Justine - thanks for getting back to me - this was so great of you. Actually after I posted that question to you yesterday I found your post on money and the prosper site - pretty neat. Because of you I convinced my hubs to do his very first (inaugural) online purchase for me...the alice and olivia sheer pink cardigan from shop bop - it arrives tomorrow - thanks for being such a great inspiration!