Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fetching Fashions Fancies-- 8/5/10

I have been terrible, terrible at recurrent themed posts. I wanted to start ones on Etsy finds/independent designers! Fell through. I planned to do frequent polyvore stylings! Ixnayed. I even started that one on WWJW? and never kept going with it. Ugh.

But since I'm going back to school in about three and a half weeks (EEPPP!), I think I need to really try and get something going again. I talked a little about quitting the blog, but frankly, I think I would miss it too much to totally cut it cold turkey. So the current plan is this:

  • I'll blog 3-4 times per week unless otherwise noted.
  • I'm going to try and still post 2 or so OOTDs per week since they're actually my favorite and will still do my wishlisting (although to a lesser degree).
  • I also want to try a new and simple post for those days I might not have as much time but still want to think fashion: "Fetching Fashion Fancies." I'll post a "pick of the day," where I'll simply feature one or two (if I must!) items that I found on the interwebs and fell in love with. You know, to still get my fashion and blogging fix. :) Who doesn't like eye candy, anyways!
To inaugurate these posts, here's my pick of the day...

Lulu's Cadence Call Jacket, $86. A pretty, suede-esque jacket with gorgeous draping and a fabulous tan/olive hue. I could see this quickly becoming a fall wardrobe staple in my closet! Oh lala!


  1. great find, (nice price too!).... except, what's up with the model??

    i like the plan :)

  2. Love the zipper diagonal detail on the jacket.

    I've thought of starting a few "days" on my blog, like teacher tuesday. Maybe I'll put it out to my followers like you...might hold me accountable :)

  3. Haha, yeah she looks a little too "modeley" here. Maybe her boyfriend pissed her off or something. :)

  4. You should! I know, its tough to keep up but its a nice way to keep things going.

  5. I just found your blog recently don't quit! I really love you OOTD :)

    Good luck with your schedule.

  6. I do like the plan, fewer posts is totally understable. We like you a lot around here, so don't quit!
    And that jacket is lovely. Reminds of the jacket I got at UO while we shopped in DC, the diagonal zipper is a really nice touch. I showed my new jacket to my friend and she loved it too. I think she wanted to steal it but did not dare because I had Lola there and you know how vicious she gets. LOL.

  7. ha!!! hilarious! Yeah it is simliar but this one almost has a leather-like
    look to it. It's purrrrdy! :)

  8. that jacket rocks!!

  9. I think three to four posts a week is perfect! That's what I try to do (more like three). Don't quit Justine! I, along with all of your readers, would be heartbroken ;( It's ok to not be a full-time blogger. I don't think it should be about how much or how often you post, but the quality behind them in general. And honestly, I sometimes get overwhelmed when bloggers post every day. It's too hard to keep up lol =)

  10. Oh my gosh, I want this now too!! Awesome wish!