Monday, November 15, 2010

The readers have spoken.

Helloooo, my little lovies. Who's ready for Thanksgiving? (Sad, because the media and radio seem to think there is nothing in between Halloween and Christmas. There used to be another holiday called Thanksgiving in there somewhere... oh well.)

Thanks for the comments re: my recent posting (or lack thereof). I agree-- the OOTDs must be reinstated to some degree. I may have to baby-step my way back in-- AKA iPhone pictures for now. I do have a few already stored on my phoney-phone so I'll upload those in an effort to show y'all what I've been wearing. Let's face it-- that's what most of us come to fashion blogs for, no?

(Oh, and to my disgruntled reader:  Really, I can't blame you for thinking I've been boring. You're totally right. This blog has gotten boooorrrring and I apologize. But I'm not ready to quit... not yet, anyway. So really, it's cool. Were still friends. Or whatever.)

So more OOTDs! I promise!! But since I have about 10 minutes until class today, I'll leave you with some (boring or not so boring, depending on your opinion) holiday-party-ready eye candy.

Aidan Mattox Sequin dress
Pretty bling-a-bling-ahhh. Holiday party, anyone??


  1. Disgruntled reader here...don't worry I'll still visit your blog.

  2. Yowza to the disgruntled reader- you can post whatever you want, whenever you want Justine! It's your blog, and it's not like we're paying you to be our little monkey-posting-minion to post as we demand it. Not yet, anyway. ;)

    I'm glad to see you're back! I want a sequin dress to shimmy in so bad, so bad. *grabs*

  3. What?!?! Girl, I second Chloe here. This is your blog and you can post anything you want as often as you want.
    I am excited to see your OOTD back!!!

  4. oh, very pretty, Too bad we don't have dres up holiday parties here at my office.

  5. Can't wait to see more OOTD! what you need to do. School is your focus right now. Don't kill yourself to post OOTDs when you can be taking a little time for yourself. I know blogging & fashion is a great outlet for you (and all us, for that matter), but please feel no obligation to anyone BUT yourself.

    Those of us that love reading your blog won't be going anywhere! So no worries;-)

  6. Amber's NotebookNovember 16, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    Miss your outftis and YOU lady!! Best of luck at school.