Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: ROSEGOLD Sandra convertible boots

A while back, I posted about how I would like a shorter boot with a wedge. I was lucky to have scored the last pair of ROSEGOLD Sandra convertible boots when Shopbop did their huge winter markdowns. Rockin'. Overall, I love them and will keep them, but here are some notes (especially since it doesn't seem there are any reviews of these out there...) :

The Good:
-They fit great. I have a hard time with shoes because my size seems to fluctuate anywhere between an 8 and a 9. This makes online shoe shopping hell. But, these are 8.5s and are perfect. I believe that to be my true size; therefore, I'll call these TTS.
-They are comfortable! I bet I could walk through the mall with minimal discomfort.

The Bad:
- They are really tough to get on and off. The zipper is stiff and doesn't like to move around. Which is good in one sense, because it means it won't move around when I have them zipped up or down. But to get these on, you MUST roll them all the way up, unzip, zip half way, then roll back down. Sheesh.
-There is some weird black crap that gets all over my hands when I touch the zipper. Its not the leather-- it's something that is obviously coating the zipper to make it the dark metallic color it is. I could have done without that, thanks.

The Inbetween:
-I like platform for ultimate comfort, and these are not platform. Therefore, while comfy, I do expect a little arch and ankle discomfort as the day wears on. Que sera sera.
-They look pretty bad uncuffed (on me). The calf width is too much for my small calf and they hit at a weird place at the bottom of my knee. This isn't too much of a problem for me since I bought them with the intention of wearing them mainly cuffed. That was the style I was going for.

OVERALL: I recommend, as long as you're looking for a cuffed, wedge boot that is sleek and classic. Buy on sale, since I think there might be at least comparable cuffed wedge boots in the full price range ($275). I'm sure with wear, these will just get better. Yippee!


  1. Annoying re: the zipper... maybe it will smooth out a bit over time? I think she boots are gorge, so just like you, I'd deal with a few negs so long as they fit!! Love them!

  2. yes awesome boots! i love that style!

  3. I think those boots are super HOT! And they totally compliment your style. I love them. Maybe the zipper situation will be resolved as you wear them. Cannot wait to see you you style these gorgeous boots.