Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wishlisting: Shopbop

As many of you who have read my blog for some time know, Shopbop + me = true love (coincidentally, it also = true brokeness, but whatevs). My wishlist is always full at any given time and I'm constantly editing it. Because the stock over there is so extensive, it sorta helps me keep my trend-priorities in line. Do I want a leopard print bootie or a military trench? Even if I don't end up getting half of what's on there, it helps me think about what I really want to indulge in and what I think I can live without (or find a cheaper version somewhere).

With my birthday month approaching (yes, birthday MONTH. It's a month-long affair. You understand.), I'm thinking abotu what I really want and what I can live without. Hmmmm....

 Patterson J Kincaid Scarlet Tunic

Seeing as though I've collected silk blouses like I collect lusty, 17-year-old-stares when I'm in my Eclipse (yes, creepy), do I really need another silk blouse? The answer isn't so simple with this beauty, seeing as though the shape and embroidered details make it so much unlike many other things sitting on my hangers.

LaROK LUXE Corporal Cool jacket

This is the prettiest military style jacket I've found! It's a little pricey, but with a little b-day cash, it might be a nice splurge. It's pretty versatile, too. (Although, it would definitely be between this and the Anthro cape I featured yesterday. Hmm.)

Boutique 9 Rivit boots

A sad thing has happened since I began school (besides the extra 10 poudns I've gained from eating pizza rolls nightly)-- I've pretty much stopped wearing heels. I love the lace up boot look, so I thought these were a great option. Only problem is, they may be a teense too literal on the military trend, plus I honestly have a hard time imagining how my closet would make these work.

Free People In the Trenches jacket

An alternative to the LaRok jacket, even though this is a much more feminine take. I so much love the ruffle hem, ohhhh do I. But it's "fine knit," which is perfectly fine for the next 3 months, but then will sit un-worn from January until March. Maybe that's not a problem enough to not get this.

Patterson J Kincaid Harlow blouse

Again, with the blouses... I actually own this in the ivory color, which is since sold out on Shopbop (although the beigey-pink color is divine!!). It seems silly to buy another, but I really love my ivory one and could totally use a little more red in the fall wardrobe (seeing as it is a trendy fall color).

What are your current shopping dilemmas??


  1. Ohhh, that red blouse is awesome! Do the pockets on the front ever bother you?

  2. I think the LaROK jacket is divine and worth to splurge on. And those boots, I am actually debating between getting something like those boots or a more refined bootie. Ah decisions!
    The first top is divine and I really dig it.

  3. No, the whole blouse is so drippy that you don't notice it!

  4. I love the In the Trenches jacket and the fine knit is perfect for Texas. I love the ruffle too.