Friday, April 15, 2011

Giveaway Congrats goes to...

Finally, I've tallied the results of my $150-valued Perricone M.D. product giveaway! Sorry for the delay, but without further ado...

... the winner is....

Erin une! Erin, I've emailed you, so please respond as soon as you can so I can have that sent to you promptly.

Also, thanks to all who entered! I wish I could give all my readers something special... but remember, try again next time if you didn't win this time! (Good things come to those who wait, hmmm?)

I'll be back later with some other goodies... and an update on my recent derma-laser-peel procedures!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Checking in...

Hi bloggies! It has been quite a busy time of the month for me, so I just want to check in on a few things:

1. The Perricone MD giveaway is officially closed. I will calculate winners ASAP, I promise. I'll announce the winner no later than the end of this week. Thanks to ALL who participated!

2. I have a great review for y'all coming up. SkincareRX sent me their Personal Microderm System to review and share with my readers. I have used it and can't wait to tell y'all about what I think... that's coming up soon, too.

3. Tomorrow, I'm going in for my first of three Dema Laser Peels. I'm pretty excited about doing this because I've been wanting to take care of my skin in a serious way for a long, long time. From what I've heard, they're not the most fun to undergo, but they give results. I will for sure share how it goes, my recovery time and experience. (Wish me luck!)

This is a long to do list. And I promise it will get done! Bare with me, folks. Maintaining my 4.0 is currently calling. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I've been Shopping: Spring 2011

Yeeesh. It's been a while since I've actually posted a shopping post, let alone much of a post at all. It's cool that I've got some great GIVEAWAYS happening (well, one, and you can click here for it!), but I really should tell y'all about my world a little more often, hmmm? OK. Point taken. :)

It's been pretty warm in the Big D recently and it's seeming like this is a theme that will continue until... you know, like October. I've been on a big hunt for shorts. A few years ago, F21 carried the most amazing, best fitting, cutest cuffed twill shorts. I still have two pairs (white and black) but they're starting to wear out. Unfortunately for me, it doesn't seem F21 is wanting to sell these anymore (boo!), so I'm scouring the interwebs to find good replacements.

I tried these Pleated Linen shorts from ON, but I don't think I'm keeping them. The material is somewhat stiff and itchy. I really like soft, moveable shorts, and since these aren't that I'm sure they'd just sit in the closet. (But just in case otehrs are interested, they actually fit really well! Really cute, it's just too bad they're not softer.)

I just ordered these Plot Twist Shorts from Anthro, and while they're much dressier, I can see myself wearing them a lot. Let's just hope the silk doesn't become too much of a problem....

These shorts from AE (Favorite Shortie shorts) are also in the running, but the inseam looks dangerously small. 2.5" doesn't sound that bad, but you just never know. And I'm not in the business of showing my "Britney" off.

In other shopping news, here are some other pretty scores of the non-shorts-nature from the past month or so--

Anthropologie Night Moves Chemise (I'm loving the asymmetric hemlines this season! This was a must-have for me.)

Anthropologie Floral Rendering Cardi (Zebra meets floral. Swoon!)

Rebecca Taylor Rose Print Cami & Rebecca Taylor Punched Cami (I couldn't help myself, I'm loving her spring line!)

Old Navy Maxi dress (the hot pink is so vibrant... love it.)

Soooo.... what are your shopping loves of Spring '11??