Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I've been Shopping: Spring 2011

Yeeesh. It's been a while since I've actually posted a shopping post, let alone much of a post at all. It's cool that I've got some great GIVEAWAYS happening (well, one, and you can click here for it!), but I really should tell y'all about my world a little more often, hmmm? OK. Point taken. :)

It's been pretty warm in the Big D recently and it's seeming like this is a theme that will continue until... you know, like October. I've been on a big hunt for shorts. A few years ago, F21 carried the most amazing, best fitting, cutest cuffed twill shorts. I still have two pairs (white and black) but they're starting to wear out. Unfortunately for me, it doesn't seem F21 is wanting to sell these anymore (boo!), so I'm scouring the interwebs to find good replacements.

I tried these Pleated Linen shorts from ON, but I don't think I'm keeping them. The material is somewhat stiff and itchy. I really like soft, moveable shorts, and since these aren't that I'm sure they'd just sit in the closet. (But just in case otehrs are interested, they actually fit really well! Really cute, it's just too bad they're not softer.)

I just ordered these Plot Twist Shorts from Anthro, and while they're much dressier, I can see myself wearing them a lot. Let's just hope the silk doesn't become too much of a problem....

These shorts from AE (Favorite Shortie shorts) are also in the running, but the inseam looks dangerously small. 2.5" doesn't sound that bad, but you just never know. And I'm not in the business of showing my "Britney" off.

In other shopping news, here are some other pretty scores of the non-shorts-nature from the past month or so--

Anthropologie Night Moves Chemise (I'm loving the asymmetric hemlines this season! This was a must-have for me.)

Anthropologie Floral Rendering Cardi (Zebra meets floral. Swoon!)

Rebecca Taylor Rose Print Cami & Rebecca Taylor Punched Cami (I couldn't help myself, I'm loving her spring line!)

Old Navy Maxi dress (the hot pink is so vibrant... love it.)

Soooo.... what are your shopping loves of Spring '11??


  1. Oh I love those Anthropologie shorts! They are so Justine!
    I am just trying to decide about getting the Wide leg jeans that Gap is offering. I tried them on and loved them but I will have to get them altered.

  2. I'm loving anything that will get me through the second half of my pregnancy, like the maxi dress! ;) Although, that hasn't put a damper on my shopping habits - I'm buying lots of motivation items. :) I LOVE that Rebecca Taylor Punched Cami!

  3. That maxi dress is Old Navy?! I must go! I've been dying for one, although it will have to be hemmed =) Such a great color!

  4. Love the shorts - I've been looking for a great pair.


  5. Very cute! Love the maxi dress especially. So, I've decided it's time that I give up my 1" inseam shorts (for the most part). Cheap ideas? I just feel like longer shorts make me look....um....like kd lang.

  6. Cute!! Love your picks!

  7. I love your taste! Sad to hear those olive shorts were uncomfy :( Also love that punched cami from Rebecca Taylor...lovely!

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