Saturday, October 30, 2010

Umm, woah.

Where in the heck did October go? Seems like I closed my eyes and here's November already! I won't apologize for the break, not because I don't care about my readers but because it's just par for the course at the moment. It's weird moving from being a daily blogger to a when-I-get-a-second blogger, and I hope you will all bear with me! I've definitely had moments of just calling it all quits, but something stops me. For now, I'll have to be okay with being a bit sporadic, which kind of sucks for my readers. But I'm not giving up just yet! :)

It's getting a little chilly (finally) here in Dallas, so I've been able to bust out some cozy pieces. My fave so far has been my BB Dakota Branson sweater jacket, (on sale at Shopbop now). I totally recommend-- it's crazy soft and warm and is perfect a substitute for a coat. At least when temps are above 35 degrees! (

And my most recent purchase/birthday gift? New sunglasses (since my Diors tragically broke whilst getting shoved into my school bag. Ooops.) :

Chanel's 5185 Sunglasses!

I love these babies-- not too big, not too small, and the color is just right for my skin tone/hair. The shape is bordering on the cat-eye shape, but it's much less pronounced.  Purrrrfect. :)

What I'm lusting after: Madewell's Last Dance dress. This dress is perfect in person. The picture does not do it justice!

And my smartest purchase? Has to be the AG Stilt denim in 2Y wash... (shown below in the Orlin wash)

For any gals out there like me (ahem, lacking curves), AG is a great fit. Only second to Hudson and the cute triangle pockets, in my opinion.

Have you bought anything splurgey or savvy lately??

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Totally Loving Club Monaco for Shopbop!

Happy hump-day, bloggie world! During my daily morning perusal of Shopbop today, I found something I heart-- Club Monaco for Shopbop! Club Monaco is great for classic pieces with a twist and I gotta say... I want EVERYTHING in the lookbook. It's sort of preppy, a little edgy and all gorgeous. The use of the neutural palate is sheer genius. Here are some of my picks:

My fave HAS to be the very last one. So simple and sooooo elegant. What do you think of the collection?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Things the Interwebs Got Wrong

Back by popular demand! A new installment of "Things the Interwebs Got Wrong" for this Monday morning. Enjoy!  :)

1. Urban Outfitter's Phoneballs

UO never disappoints when it comes to this little series. Phoneballs. Phoneballs. Really? (I personally recommend purchasing in the flesh color.)

2. Hammacher Schlemmer's Dogbrella

This is just taking pet loving way, way too far.

3. Just go to this website. You'll thank me later. (You're welcome.)

4. Etsy moose poop necklace

Great conversation starter, bad conversation ender. (disclaimer: keep out of direct sunlight. Do not ingest. Also, this guy really makes me want to buy his product.)

5. ASOS color block onesie

Now you can look like Lady GaGa, too!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Go Check it: ASOS US

Just a quickie little post today, lovies. I have some midterms, papers and I'm giong out of town this weekend (to San Antone!) so I'll be a bit MIA. Just wanted to draw attention to the new US ASOS site that's officially up! Many of you already know this but some might not, so I wanted to alert y'all. The general scoop is this: the site is made for more "American sensibilities" but is still being shipped out of London. So import duties may still remain, just FYI. I don't know about y'all but I'm thinking about placing an order! Here are some picks....

(Long, 50's-inspired skirts are very right-now! I actually love this entire outfit.)

(Can never have enough blazers.)

(despite the yeti-quality, I really like this!)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Recent buy: Miu-Miu inspired flats.

It sort of feels like my style personality has done some shifting since I started this blog over a year ago. My natural inclination is to overdose on frills, embellishments and girly details. But with the start of school and my seriously-serious desire to be comfortable at all times, practicality has set in. Therefore, I've been on this one month long search for the perfect pair of flats. My perfect pair would be an amalgamation of a pointed toe, a feminine detail, real leather and a trendy element. So I started with leopard, thinking that I could really use a little more animal in my life (ha.). I bought these Nordstrom BP leopard print flats in an effort to be stylish, simple and economical, but honestly? They just hurt my toes within 5 minutes of wear.

I then spotted these, which I thought were a nice combo of edgy and feminine. But I couldn't help but wonder-- do they walk the line of an 80-year old Grandma? Guess it didn't help that the reviews I found on Nordie's site were all from 45 years older and up. Hmmm.

I really sifted through the options, utilizing the ever-practical Shopstyle search but still came up flat. (oh yes I did just say that.)  Then, searching through the bowels of Shopbop (always comes to the rescue!), I found these seriously-reminiscent Miu Miu lookalikes... and although economical isn't really a word I can use to describe them, PERFECT is.

 (The Miu-Miu originals)

Thanks to a few Shopbop gift cards and an understanding husband, I found my new fall flats.  I think I can even say I like my Vera Wangs more than the Miu Mius! The silken bow is a nice touch, and I love mixing textures. Plus this dove grey color is insane in person. Oh, and the soft leather is crazy-comfy, too. For anyone looking for a great fall flat (and willing to spend a bit of dough), I definitely recommend. Who says I must abandon my frilly ways for comfort? Miss Vera, you've proved me wrong.